Owls, owls, owls – Part two

After I cut out all the felt shapes for the owls, I went through my fabric stash and picked colorful tummies for all the owls. I used my marvelous sewing machine to sew the tummies behind the felt. It takes a while when you want to make that many owls but it’s great practice.

After attaching and exposing the tummies, I went back to cutting felt this time for the owls’ eyes and beaks.

My sewing machine makes it really easy to switch between different colors of thread, because it threads the needle itself and I can basically just drop the bobbin in and start sewing. Still, I like to minimize the thread switching, so first I’m going to sew on all the yellow beaks, then all the orange beaks, next the red beaks and finally all the white eyes. Oh, how I keep myself busy!

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