Cutting felt

While I’m giving my wrist a rest from sewing, I’ve been keeping myself busy with cutting felt. I seem to still stubbornly believe I don’t have to give up sewing. Perhaps it’s because I’m still waiting on a new brace from my physical therapist, which I hope will work miracles compared to my current braces… 

I have so many felt scraps and they were just screaming to be cut into shapes. Looks like I’m preparing to sew a new batch of colorful Halloween skulls.

3 thoughts on “Cutting felt

  1. Take it easy on that arm!! I know how painful it can be… My pain in the arm was caused by a fall… I hit my back when I slipped down the stairs. After a lot of time of resting, I'm now ok. So please take care! I love felt, but I haven't found any decent, cheap place to buy it (online or normal). Any suggestions? You're the felt expert and I love the skull design! (probably my second better after the Baby). Kisses :)


  2. Wow, be careful on those stairs. Glad to hear your arm is better now, though. Yeah, I'm still resting my arm too, so I'm cutting a lot of felt hoping to be able to sew them when my arm is all rested out… Or when I have that brace, so I can take the strain of my wrist and thumb.

    Oh felt, where to buy decent felt? Well, in Japan they sell the best quality felt. But I can't find a place to buy it online. And I'm lucky I brought a big suitcase full of felt from Japan with me to the States, because the felt they sell here is very low quality and expensive. I really hate it.

    But when I do run out of felt, someday, I'm probably going to have to find an online supplier myself. The first place I'm going to try felt from is probably going to be I've been reading her blog for ages and her felt packages always looked good to me. But I have never ordered from her before, so I would try just a little first, to see if I like her felt. She sells on her website, Etsy and Dawanda.


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