Green friends

I’m a bit (okay a lot!) behind with blogging and on adding items to my shop. So I have no problem keeping myself busy while I can’t sew. I don’t even remember when I sewed this small group of green friends, but I know their colors were inspired by Spring, so it was a while ago. In any case, I’ve finally managed to photograph them:

Meet Jade, Olive, and Emme, they’re all very friendly and looking for friends to hug them.

6 thoughts on “Green friends

  1. Your new creatures are so cute. I'm so sorry that you don't feel better yet. Maybe you should consider having an operation on this before it gets worse. I understand how frustrating it must be, having to give up what you love doing. I wish you all the best! :-)


  2. Thanks, Dimi & Elle.

    Anzouya, aaah! Hand surgery sounds scary! Not sure if I'm brave enough, the steroid injections already gave me a panic attack… In any case, the doctors haven't suggested surgery yet. But I did hear about it from other people, too…


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