Inspired by Summer

I finally finished a cow for a very patient customer. She said she wanted a cow and she wasn’t picky about the color combination. So I let the warm California sun inspire me when I slowly but steadily sewed this brightly colored cow.

I had to sew this cow slowly and carefully because my arm injuries still won’t allow me to sew the way I’d like to sew. These injuries have already caused major delays and frustration this year. Everytime I thought my arm was getting better (either thanks to physical therapy or steroid injections) and I carefully tried sewing again (with my small army of braces) the pains kept coming back.
There’s nothing I love more than sewing my creatures, but I think I’m going to have accept that I may have to give up on it. I wish I could create hundreds of little creatures each year and send them out into the world and brighten the lives of many people, but I’ll have to find another way to do that I’m afraid. 

15 thoughts on “Inspired by Summer

  1. Oh Lou, I feel for you, as I'm probably going down the same road! My right arm hurts like hell and I think I overused it… Sometimes it gets numb during the night, which is definitely a bad sign. So, I'm trying to reduce the typing, commenting and making jewellery and rest it, but it's hard sometimes! Your cow is amazing! :)


  2. Oh no Dimi! Really be careful with your arm and hand, it's sounds like the beginning stages of terribleness… Have a doctor take a look at it. Take care, dear.


  3. Thanks Erika! Trying to come up with other ways is what I hope will make me accept the no-sewing-thing in the end. Currently thinking about focusing on pdf patterns to inspire others to create my little awkward creatures instead of me.


  4. Love your cow the colors are like summer! Hate that your arm is giving you trouble I know people would love your patterns too.


  5. Louana
    I'm so sorry to hear about your hand giving you so much pain still…
    I would LOVE some pdf patterns to keep making your little monsters!!
    Would you consider using a sewing machine? to help with the pain in your hand??
    The cow is so super cute!


  6. Caz, I've tried using a sewing machine, but I'm really bad at it… I should try again, and again I guess. I just have so much more control when it's handsewn… But I am looking forward to learning to using the machine, perhaps someday for plush, I would be a lot quicker too!

    I'm definitely going to make more pdf patterns, right now I just have one for my moose, but I'm going to make some for all. At least that's my goal… it's a lot of work, so please be patient :).


  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your arm restraining your sewing, that sucks so much!! maybe there is another craft that you don't even know you love yet that you can do!!

    love the cow <3


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