Palace of Fine Arts

This morning we paid Yasu’s school a little visit. We had to be quick because Yasu had a very early morning class, so we totally forgot to take pictures, but the Dutchies got to see all the important spots in the school, including the cubicle where he works part time.

While we were sneaking through the school, the skies outside burst open like never before. Sadly, that rainstorm put an end to our plan to hike across the Golden Gate Bridge and back, but we quikcly came up with a new plan. And so we hopped on a bus to the Palace of Fine Arts.
We didn’t learn much about the history of this beautiful building, but we sure did enjoy walking in the park surrounding the Palace, taking pictures and admiring the beautiful neighborhood it’s located in. 
We were very happy we seemed to have left the rain downtown, and we kind of contemplated our bridge hike again. But our feet were killing us, so we quickly decided to find a place to lunch and more importantly sit down. Tonight we’re going to pick up our rental car so we’ll just drive across the Golden Gate Bridge again.

4 thoughts on “Palace of Fine Arts

  1. Yes, gelukt!!! Ben blij dat je weer kunt commenten. Volgende keer, dat is goed! Maar dan misschien de eerste dag, als je voeten nog geen pijn doen :).


  2. Yeah, it's kind of bad we didn't find out about the history. But we did figure out where Sean Connery was sitting in The Rock and how Nicolas Cage got his car there during that movie scene ;).


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