The Dutchies have arrived!

I woke up very excited this morning! Because today was the day I got to pick up the Dutchies from San Francisco airport! I have been busy preparing for our road trip with the Dutchies for weeks, and I was glad the time was finally there for it all to start. In the arrivals hall at the airport they have TV screens showing people walking from luggage claim to the arrivals hall. I found myself under one of those big screens, tirelessly craning my neck to look intently at it for about an hour, when they finally popped up on the screen, the Dutchies!
After a warm hug, some welcome kisses, and a quick cry (of happiness) we took off on the BART to go home. The home they’ve seen through many Skype conversations and pictures on Flickr and were about to see with their own eyes for the first time. And also the home that had a large batch of fresh colorful cupcakes waiting for them to welcome them to the States.
Cupcakes wasn’t the only thing I prepared for them, there was also dinner with way too much garlic (yummy but stinky) and a nice and firm airbed waiting for them on the floor.
Dutchies in US Day 1 - 3
After the Dutchies refreshed in our tiny bathroom, settled in our small apartment, we all filled our stomachs, and a quick grocery trip to the local Lucky, we turned in early for our first day of sightseeing in San Francisco tomorrow! I’m so happy they’re here and that our trip can finally begin!

3 thoughts on “The Dutchies have arrived!

  1. Wow! Dat was een lange vlucht…pfff. Bekaf gearriveerd recht in jouw armen! Ik zie je nog staan daar bij die paal klaar om fotoos te schieten. Eerst ff snoepen van de door jou gemaakte cupcakes (volgens mij ben ik vergeten om er nog eentje te eten….) en dan lekker onder de douche. Morgen gaat onze eerste echte dag beginnen!


  2. @Dimi: Thanks :)!

    @Moem: Inderdaad je bent vergeten om nog een cupcake te eten… Ach ja, we hebben toch een vele lekkerdere cupcake bij Ghirardelli Square gegeten.


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