San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park

We’re planning on visiting several National Park during our upcoming road trip, so we purchased ourselves another National Parks Pass, like last time. With that pass four people can enter all National Parks without paying the per person or per vehicle entrance fee. And there happens to be a small National Park in San Francisco, right where the cable car dropped us of. Great opportunity to use our pass for the first time. With out pass we got to board all the historic vessels of the fleet at the Maritime National Historic Park.
It had started to rain, hard. But we were not going to let the rain stop our sightseeing, so we bought ourselves some nice raincoats just before all the boat fun. Climbing on and off board of historic ships may not sound too exciting, but it’s actually pretty interesting to see what those sea monsters look like on the inside and to imagine people working and living there at some time in the past. I’m glad I never had to work on a ship, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to play pretend.
I think my mother would have been a good seaman, or rather seawoman, because she really enjoyed playing with the ropes and kept wanting to climb to the crow’s nest. 
I think I might have been good at being seasick, because the boat’s movements kept making me nauseous and light-headed, even though it was docked. Also hanging of the sides probably didn’t help much.
Meanwhile Guido was practising his creep-in-the-window act in the ship’s tiny port hole windows. He’s definitely improving.
Unfortunately, we didn’t get to inspect all the vessels on display at the Historical Park, because we have so many other things planned for today. Yasu is still in class, so he missed all this, I’m going to have to take him here someday soon as well.

4 thoughts on “San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park

  1. Hi Louana! Great post looks like a wonderful trip! I grabbed your button for my page! I'm finally taking the time to learn some page set up stuff!


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