Easy guacamole

Last week I made Yasus some egg and chicken salad, this week I tried to make him something else I know he loves. He loves, love, LOVES eating nachos. He usually just melts some cheese on the chips and dips them in salsa, but he likes a more extended version too for example with guacamole.

I cut open the avocados, spooned out the flesh and mashed them with a fork in a bowl. I added all the salsa left in the jar, a handfull of crumbled bacon, squirted in some lime juice and shook in some salt and mixed it well. Then I put it in the fridge to chill.

Yasu was very happily surprised when lunch turned out to be tortilla chips with bacon guacamole! I sprinkled some more crumbled bacon on top of the guacamole, to show him bacon was hidden inside the green mountain. He loved it, and really wants me to make this again. I know I will, but next time I will use freshly chopped tomatoes instead of salsa.

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