Launch Day – Indie B. the Butterfly

Launch Day is here!!! And as promised in honor of this day I’ve added a new felt plushie to my store. A little spring butterfly, named Indie B. the Butterfly, to celebrate how my classmates and I, after finishing our Indie Business 3.0 course, are all coming out of our cocoons as beautiful butterflies.

You can buy Indie B. or one of her friends in my Etsy shop with a 22% discount if you use the code “LaunchDay”. This coupon code will be valid for eleven days. And I’ll be doing a giveaway later today, so don’t forget to check back later! 
And of course, I’m not the only Indie Biz graduate launching a new product today, many classmates are doing the same and even more are launching completely new shops and blogs! Check out this impressive list.

15 thoughts on “Launch Day – Indie B. the Butterfly

  1. love your new product!!!
    I copied your links and put on my blog {i hope you do not mind!} I did give you credit {with a link back to your blog!} thank you! good luck!!!!!


  2. Hey Louana thanks for organising this great party and all the work you did behind the scenes! I love your little softies,they are beautifully made! I think your next pattern should be a cat! We love our cats in our house and yours is so cute!


  3. Hi Louana,
    Love the Panda! Thanks for all your efforts! and for grabbing my button! I don't know why there is white space??? this is the first button I ever made! any ideas on how to fix it? i did the 160×160 size recommended by the class. i tried your directions, too but it didn't work on my blog! I also had to take out the “center” at the beginning of your button b/c it didn't line up w/my others…maybe it's a blogger issue? don't know…it's all new to me! thanks so much have a great day!


  4. What a beautiful write-up. Congratulations to everyone!

    Louana…Just wanted to let you know that Ringo is making an appearance on my blog today ( Indie B. is killing us. Ringo wants a friend!


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