Indie Biz

I’m a bit sad because today is the last day of our Indie Business classes and it has been absolutely wonderful. It refreshed a lot of the things I already learned last year and also taught me some new things. But the best part for me was really all the other classmates and getting to know them and networking with them. I’ve learned how to use and love Twitter and Pinterest, although I wish I had more time for those and I really, really love interviewing one of my crafty classmates every Wednesday! I also enjoy being interviewed by them on their blogs, for example about my Etsy or even about Osaka!
And come back on Monday to read about our huge Launch Day Event. I’ll be introducing many of my classmates’ new shops, new products and new blogs. And many of us are doing giveaways, even me!!

10 thoughts on “Indie Biz

  1. I feel the same way as you do… so sad it's ending, but yet, excited for the future… thank god we still hv the flickr group to stay connected.. thks for all you do Louana, you are a shining light.. xo I can't wait for Monday! hugs xo


  2. Agreed! It's been challenging keeping up, but I've learned so much and made many new friends. Looking forward to the launch party Monday. Working on my post and badges, and all sorts of things right now.


  3. You are so right! I've learned so much, put a new perspective on other things, and met so many awesome people! I'm glad the Flickr will still be up, I check that so dang often lol. Monday is going to be tons of fun!!! Glad I got to meet you!


  4. You've summed it up so well! I am sad that it's coming to an end – but I hope that this group will stay together in other ways, too! :)

    Can't wait for Monday!


  5. Indie biz was so awesome! It's sad to think it's all over…but I'm really glad I “met” everyone, and so happy with all the wonderful information I learned!! Can't wait to see where everyone is with their business in the future!


  6. Thankyou so much for doing so much for us! i have really loved indie biz and i will miss it too but looking forward to getting more invoved with the little community now!..i have learnt so much! your family of creations is AWESOME! tatum xx


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