Borders’ loot

I love Borders. I mean who doesn’t love a huge store with thousands of books and magazines? Yasu and I can easily spend hours there, collecting books, sitting down somewhere on the floor and picking/reading our favorites.
But Borders isn’t doing well and recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization. To make a complicated story easy, they’re broke and closing stores, not all of them, but many, and the one we frequent in San Francisco is included. 
It’s really sad, but it does mean a liquidation sale. Everything is on sale, even the fixtures, and this is my loot from today, everything was 50% off!
Loot from Borders
Three Jefferey Deaver (my favorite author) novels, four maps (I love maps, can’t stop looking at them), three books about sewing softies (for inspiration, maybe some new sewing techniques and pattern tutorial tips) and most excitingly two web design/html books! 
I’ve been getting more and more interested in this kind of stuff ever since I started blogging and have been trying to tweak my blogs. I really want to learn how to do more than tweak and build stuff from scratch, well I’ve got to begin somewhere! The Dummies version is quite old, from 2000, but has a lot of the basics, easily referenced, the Web Design Demystified is very new, from this year, looks interesting and also covers CSS.
I wish I had had more time today to also check out the cooking section, because I’d also like to learn more about cooking. But we’re going to another Borders that’s closing soon tomorrow, so I hope they haven’t sold out of the cooking books yet.

3 thoughts on “Borders’ loot

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