Signs of spring

It’s been really rainy and really sunny lately, real spring weather I’d say. I love the numerous rainbows this weather is creating.


Signs of spring are sprouting everywhere. Previously bare tree branches are starting to show little green buds and cherry blossoms are popping up everywhere too.

Cherry Blossoms and Pagoda

I wasn’t really expecting to witness a seasonal change here, though. Especially since the temperature surprisingly reached 27°C (81°F) a few days in early February. I just assumed the weather in this part of the world didn’t follow the rules of the each season. But spring is definitely in the air!

3 thoughts on “Signs of spring

  1. The spring looks beautiful, we have got it in bucket loads here at the moment – it just seems to turn on suddenly.

    Everytime I have visited SF I have never worked the weather out – I'm either over dressed or have to buy a new jumper when I'm out. Still, it's a small price to pay.

    Hope Indie Biz is going well for you, I have fallen behind to the point of being stationary


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