My toolkit

My tennis elbow and thumb tendinitis have been making things a tad difficult for me lately, especially when it comes to sewing and doing things on the computer. Things escalated this week and now my right hand and arm are totally useless, which can be quite challenging when you want to get dressed, eat, brush your teeth or write… I’m lucky to have a very helpful husband and a nice toolkit to help me manage life right now :).

Check back soon for more details on my being stoned in the ER and the panic attack right before my three cortisone injections earlier today.

5 thoughts on “My toolkit

  1. Oh, I'm so sorry! I hope you'll be feeling better soon! My mother used to also have these kind of problems, only more serious, and eventually she had to have a small surgery. I don't want to frighten you! Thank God now she's good as new! :-)


  2. @Anzouya, yeah I know the next step is surgery, it does frighten me, so I hope it doesn't come to that. But it's good to hear it worked so well on your mom! So if it is necessary, at least it'll work.

    @dimi @jamie @ashley, thanks girls! xo


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