Home haircut disaster

After that successful haircut I gave Yasu with the Flowbee, I got confident and impulsive. My hair was so long and it was just getting in the way of everything, so two nights ago I decided to try it on myself… Yeah, bad idea. Of course, my hair was way too long and way too soft to be cut properly with that thing. I even helped it by cutting about 15 inches off with scissors but basically it was an immensely stupid idea.
There was no fixing it, I ended up with completely uneven hair, chunks out of it in really funny places, but my hair was shorter. Obviously, I was really upset and wondering what had come over me an hour earlier, but my sweet husband told me I was still beautiful. “Thanks darling”, but I already knew I was going to a professional salon the next day to fix it.
So yesterday I told the hairdresser to cut whatever he thought would look good on me. I wasn’t really pleased with it though. I mean of course it was better than what I had done to it, but to me it was just so-so. I know I should have said something to the hairdresser, but for some reason I never do. Too shy, too polite, too stupid, I’m not sure, but it’s a disease I’ve had for many years. I often end up going to another salon for a second haircut a few days later to fix this problem. Yeah, there’s a reason I always let my hair grow long, I’m not good at getting my hair cut the way I like.
But this morning I got to style my hair myself and I’m happy to report that I do like it now:
I will not be going to another salon for that customary second haircut like I planned last night. I’ll probably let it grow really long again before I get another haircut, but for now my hair is nice and short and no longer in the way! 

8 thoughts on “Home haircut disaster

  1. Oh, God! A true disaster! Thank God that your hairdresser was able to fix it. It's not such a clever idea to experiment on your own with your hair you know. ;-) You look great though and don't worry , things will grow back to normal soon! :-)


  2. Ah .. you look so pretty :) and a smile in the last two pictures would have looked much more vibrant :)

    Smile .. hair will grow faster :) :)

    I have been planning to grow my hair long and since 6 years i cut them short just to try new hairstyles :(. This time I am totally focused on it and I want to see myself in some waist length hair. :) fingers crossed!!


  3. @ Pandraa: Thanks. Hehehe you sound like my mom, why didn't you smile?! It's easier to smile when my husband is taking pictures of me, but when I'm alone taking pictures of myself, it's kinda weird.


  4. @Lia-Louise Then again, you are the one who taught me not to smile in front of a camera and I agree. It's better not to smile like a clown on crack in portrait pictures. Candids are a different story.


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