Devastation in Japan

Last night before we went to bed we read about the huge 8.9 earthquake in Japan, it had just happened and the Japanese news reported two deaths. It was already bad news, but this morning we woke up to this:
Absolutely terrible. I have been watching, reading and following the news ever since I got up and I have contacted my friends in Japan to make sure they are all okay (so far so good). My heart is breaking for Japan, the images and screams in the videos make me cry. So many people have died, so many houses and businesses have been destroyed. And it’s not over, Japan is still experiencing aftershocks and completely unrelated quakes even, like the 6.6 quake in Nagano a couple of hours ago. I’m worried another quake will hit Osaka soon. Let’s all hope for the best, my thoughts are with all of you in Japan.

3 thoughts on “Devastation in Japan

  1. …even at my work they are thinking of Yasu and his family, i hope they are doing fine, just like all of your friends… my thoughts are with them and ofcourse with you my dearest Yasu and Lou…XXX


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