On Friday we get this note slipped under our door from the building owner. Telling us that they’re coming to inspect our apartment Sunday morning between 9:30 and 10:30 with an official inspector. It doesn’t say what they’re coming to inspect, which made me slightly nervous so I spent Saturday cleaning the apartment, just in case. 
We got up early on Sunday, to make sure we’d be up and properly dressed, the bed was made, and the dishes were done when they came to inspect. We waited… waited… waited… and waited… 
It was way past 10:30, but people are always late here, so we waited some more. I didn’t cook proper lunch because I didn’t want to make the stove dirty (I cleaned hard on it the night before) and we thought the dreaded inspectors could show up any minute. No one came, all day.
We did hear a lot of people working in the hallways yesterday, so we assumed that whatever they came to inspect wasn’t necessary anymore or whatever. We didn’t call to check with the building owner, because he’s a slightly intimidating ex-cop.
Then this morning at 9:35 AM, when we’re walking around, just awake, half-dressed, the building owner, his wife and the inspector show up, wanting to come in! 
Yasu: “We thought you were coming yesterday?”
Building Owner: “No, today! Check your letter!” 
Louana (hiding half-dressed behind door): “Can we at least get dressed first?”
Building Owner Wife: “Ok, we’ll check apartment 303 first.”
They left and we hurriedly got dressed, made the bed, did the dishes, checked the letter… Turned out they did write Monday, but they also wrote February 20, yesterday’s date. And waited, waited, waited. It’s almost 5 PM, and no one has come…. 

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