Ernie out in the world

When I was still teaching in Japan Yasufumi, one of my students, asked me what I’d given my coworker (another foreign teacher) as a going-away present. I told him I made him a giraffe and showed him this picture:

It’s the original giraffe (my first creature ever) and his four bizarrely colored friends. Yasufumi loved the giraffes and immediately asked if he could buy Ernie, the green and blue giraffe. He surprised me and for some reason I told him they weren’t for sale, yet. But I promised that when they would go on sale he would be the first to know. And when I opened my Etsy shop a couple of months later, Yasufumi was one of my first customers.

Even though he bought Ernie online, I delivered Ernie to him in class and he was very happy with his new felt friend. Ernie now lives in Yasufumi’s home office, we he keeps watch over Yasufumi while he works.

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