Intercepted ramen

Yasu received a care package from Japan today, it was supposed to be filled to the rim with his favorite instant ramen. But he wasn’t the first to open it, US Customs was. And they took out 15 packages of instant noodles and 3 packages of dried snacks, making the box quite empty and light. 
[Care package from Japan, only half full]
We had no idea sending instant ramen would be a problem. Last year, when Yasu was in the Netherlands and I was still in Japan, I sent him a huge box full of instant ramen and other goodies and it all arrived without a problem. And the only thing the Japanese post office tells us we’re not allowed to send abroad are things that contain milk.
[My care package for Yasu last year]
So it was quite disappointing to see that this time so much had been taken out and destroyed (or perhaps eaten by customs officials) including some of his favorites, but they did leave 7 instant ramen boxes for him and they make Yasu happy too!

3 thoughts on “Intercepted ramen

  1. Don't get me started on the postal interceptions… I've had so many packages opened and stuff taken out (that was in no way prohibited to send) and it just makes me mad that they think they can do whatever they want :(


  2. I just returned from Japan and one of my students had her ramen confiscated… she was told it had something to do with the flavor packet/broth, and some sort of “procedure or ingredient”… Funny how it doesn't seem to bother anybody anywhere else in the world…


  3. As a note for anyone else curious as to what the ingredient is for ramen, it's probably pork, beef or some poultry flavor.

    I just came back from thailand, and I had a bunch of dried pork confiscated. Ramen with duck flavor was also taken from me. The customs agent said that because of Asian Bird flu, any bird containing product is prohibited.


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