American Football

I’ve seen lots of (partial) football games in American movies and TV shows, but I never understood was the game was about. I have asked American friends to explain it to me in the past on several occasions, but it only confused me more. But I’ve never stopped wanting to understand how that sport works.
So last night at the party when Hannah and Bradley invited us to come watch football at their place the next day, we thought that was an excellent idea! We left the party with them, got in a taxi with a stoned driver (who tried to make me throw my new sneakers out of the window – I was drunk, but not stupid) who drove way too fast to Hannah and Bradley’s place, crashed on their futon again to wake up to an American Football day.
Four teams were playing hoping to qualify for the Super Bowl (very important Football event). Hannah, the only American in the room, did her very best to explain the rules of American Football to us, while we snacked on nacho chips and pizza.
Being able to watch two games in a row and having Hannah available to ask questions to, over and over again, checking with her why things were happening the way they were, was a true learning experience! Now I know all about touchdowns, endzones, yardlines, field goal kicks and why big men rush the quarterback after someone yells “hut”.
I’m still not sure why they call it football though… The ball isn’t shaped like a ball and it spends more time in the players arms than it does near their feet. It makes more sense to call soccer football, like we do in Europe, where football players kick round balls around with their feet. But I don’t care what they call it, at least I finally understand it! Thanks Hannah, for teaching me.

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