Oliebollen and soba

Today the fake oliebollen cafe was open and we got us some to finish celebrating the new year the Dutch way. They’re actually square shaped New Orleans style beignets, but like oliebollen they consist of deep fried dough with way too much powdered sugar, so it’s pretty close to an oliebol. 
They’re pretty tasty but the excess of powdered sugar makes it hard to eat them without covering yourself with white powder. So they need to be eaten very delicately.
After our sweet snack we headed for Katherine and Kosuke’s apartment for some Japanese New Year’s soba. Before dinner we spent some time on the roof admiring the sunset and a view that could not get more San Francisco if you tried, with the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Slightly jealous!
We heard a lot about Kosuke’s excellent Japanese cooking, and had even seen some of it on facebook, so we were more than ready to try some! Kosuke cooked up a storm and served us the traditional New Year’s soba with fishcake, loads of tempura (shrimp, asparagus, broccoli, carrot and sweet potato) and my favorite was the boiled shrimp with grated ginger and soy sauce, yum. 
It was way too much food, but really delicious! It was also fun to eat while sitting on the floor again. They have a nice and soft carpet making it even cosier to sit on the floor, and an electric blanket and cushions which kept us warm and toasty!

And they also loved the fake oliebollen we brought for dessert! 
I think we’ve celebrated the start of this new year sufficiently now. Let’s see what 2011 has in stock for us now.

4 thoughts on “Oliebollen and soba

  1. It was a really great day! We got to experience 2 traditional New Year's Day food. Kosuke is a great chef, I was very impressed with that. I want to eat oliebollen again, and of course, Japanese food again!


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