We usually decline party invitations because they’re usually later in the evening. And going back home after a party will inevitably end up being somewhere in the middle of the night and we just don’t feel safe on the San Francisco streets at night. Oh, how I miss never being afraid at night in Japan…
Besides Yasu and I aren’t such party animals, but I’m sure Bradley and Hannah have a hard time believing this after last night. Yesterday, Bradley and Hannah were hosting an end-of-semester party at their lovely apartment. Best part was that it started during the afternoon so we were pretty certain we’d be able to make it home before the city got scary.
But we didn’t. 
We were having too much fun to go home. It was great to catch up with people, to eat Hannah’s delicious foods, to drink Bradley’s alcoholic coffee-mint concoctions, and to play a card-drinking game called the Circle of Death. 
And instead of going home before 11 like the others and making sure to be back in bed on time like a proper 30-year-old, we went to some bar with Hannah and Bradley and danced (yes, really!) until the bar closed. And they actually wanted to see my passport to see whether I was old enough to enter, I guess tipsy looks young on me :)! We ended up crashing on their living-room futon like a couple of true party animals. What a fun party that was.

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