How-to cook Japanese curry (by Yasu)

Have your wife send you a box of curry roux from Japan when you’re living with your inlaws in the Netherlands. Then forget to cook it before your wife also comes to the Netherlands and you move to the States. Then have your wife bring the box with her on the airplane when she follows you to the States a week later. Then wait three months before finally using it.
Put on your wife’s pretty apron. Then chop onions, carrots and potato. Then stir-fry them in oil. Then add bite-sized beef and stir-fry it along with the veggies.
At the same time boil eggs in a frying pan, the Yasu-way, and they’ll turn out perfectly.
Add water. Then occasionally stir while you let it sit for about 15 minutes.
Check out what’s inside the box of curry roux. 
Add the chocolate-looking curry to the pan and stir. Then stir some more until it looks like this:
Don’t forget to smell and taste the curry along the way to check if it’s really what you want it to be.
Serve the curry on steamed white rice with the boiled eggs and some sliced cucumber when you don’t have actual tsukemono (Japanese pickles).
 Admire your dinner and wait for your wife to complement your cooking.
Then eat!

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