30 years ago

In 1980 my mother was pregnant with me. While I lived in her comfortable and warm tummy, people were already taking pictures of me.
Then on August 11 at 11:02 in the morning my mother gave birth to me. She was only seventeen and already a mother to a baby girl.
In the Netherlands it’s common to send birth cards to family and friends to announce the birth of a new baby. This was mine:
Card translation: “After months of waiting their wish was finally fulfilled, I am their first child and they call me Louana. I was born at 11:02 am and I weighed 7 pounds. My mommy and daddy are: Robert and Louise van Luttervelt.”

I loved hanging out with my mommy, especially when she fed me with a bottle (for some reason I didn’t like breast feeding). And I got used to smiling for the camera at a very young age.
As you may have guessed I’m organizing old pictures. I scanned all the analog pictures I could find in the house before I moved to Japan and threw them in a file on my hard drive. All this time they’ve been out of order and patiently waiting for me to organize them. I’ve finally started, I wonder how long this is going to take me…

5 thoughts on “30 years ago

  1. Wow!
    What a beautiful story and pictures !
    Nice to see sooooo cute baby and mother.
    I'm looking foward to next story and pictures.


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