Sleepy, forgetful and hungry

We’ve only been in the States for two months but today I already had my first procedure at an American hospital. I’ve had severe stomach pains for a while and regular tests, like on my blood and breath didn’t find anything out of the ordinary, so they thought it would be a good idea to check out the inside of my stomach with a camera that they inserted through my mouth. Quite a scary idea, especially since I have a bad cold and have trouble breathing through my nose right now and I’m constantly coughing, but they assured me that would be no problem. Thankfully they put me under general anesthesia, so I was totally oblivious of the camera tube being stuffed down my throat, and I had no opportunity to panic.
After the procedure I was still woozy from the drugs and I only remember bits. Apparently, I told Yasu to take pictures of me in my hospital bed all tubed up, but I don’t remember at all. It was nearly impossible to stay awake, no matter how hard I tried I kept falling back asleep so we ended up spending the whole afternoon at the hospital. And when I was awake I kept forgetting what happened, like continuously asking when they were going to start, and them telling me again and again it was already over. They didn’t find anything scary (so far) and I hope the results of the biopsy will be useful. 

I wasn’t allowed to drive or make any life decisions after we left, but I was allowed to shop and eat! My last meal had been the night before so I was really hungry, and even though we weren’t supposed to eat out this month we allowed ourselves to make an exception today (at a cheap diner).
We had steak and eggs, which is a weird combination to us, but very normal here I think because I see it on the menu all the time. And even though we still think it’s weird to eat steak with eggs and toast, we agreed that it was really good, especially when you’re really hungry.

2 thoughts on “Sleepy, forgetful and hungry

  1. Voor het eerst sinds lange tijd weer eens hier kijken….en zie in je gelijk in het ziekenhuis liggen… Heel goed dat je het gedaan hebt, lijkt me niet niets, maar zeker nodig. Hopelijk komt er wat uit!
    Dikke kussssssss


  2. Lou!! I was so surprised when I see the photo.
    Are you all right now?

    > to check out the inside of my stomach with a camera that they inserted through my mouth.

    I take this test every year without anesthesia,so I can see inside of my stomach every year.


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