Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

Ever heard of Bluegrass? Well, I hadn’t, but apparently it’s a sub-genre of country music, and San Francisco hosts an annual festival in Golden Gate Park completely devoted to this kind of music, called Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. It’s a free festival, so there was nothing stopping us from checking it out, even though we had never heard of any of the numerous bands performing there.
The festival site was huge with several stages, with country-themed names like the Rooster stage and the Banjo stage, and thousands of Bluegrass fans. The music was quite pleasant to listen to, but not really memorable to me. 
The atmosphere at the festival was really nice, lots of happy people, drinking alcohol (which isn’t exactly legal in the States, but this park or festival was an exception), smoking pot (which is always illegal in the States, yet it seems more popular here than in Amsterdam), eating festival food (including cupcakes and teriyaki chicken), dancing enthusiastically and singing along.

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