Prison and pancakes

We got up very early this morning to catch the first ferry out to Alcatraz Island. Even though it’s supposed to be fall, the weather was beautiful, warm and sunny, perfect for a sightseeing trip.
Our reason for visiting Alcatraz was twofold. First of all, Yasu had never been before and was curious about the notorious prison on an island. I’d already been there twice before and I told hime it was certainly worth a visit. 
While he was doing the audio cell house tour, I was walking around the former prison taking pictures for Eyes for Lies, which was our second reason for making the trip to Alcatraz.
Yasu really enjoyed the tour, which was in Japanese for his convenience. This was the first time they actually offered the tour in Dutch, but I’d already heard it twice in English, so I didn’t think it was really worth it on our current student budget. But walking around without headphones can be really fun too, escpecially when that man farted really loud and long, believing nobody would hear him because everyone was listening to their audio tours, while displaying the most innocent face possible! Actually, it was so loud some people even heard it through it their tours, and giggled along with me.
Playing the unhappy prisoner is always fun too, as long as you can step out of the depressing isolation cell as soon as the camera shutter closes. 
Climbing ‘The Rock’ and taking hundreds of pictures makes one hungry, so we rewarded ourselves with pancakes at the only IHOP (International House of Pancakes) San Francisco seems to have. Perfectly delicious!

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