Mariko in San Francisco

Mariko, an ex-student from Osaka, is in San Francisco! Working as a flight attendant she often flies to a foreign city, stays the night, and flies back to Japan the next day. And how perfect is it that we happened to be attending a seminar at one of San Francisco Airport’s hotels?! So after the seminar, and after Mariko’s after work nap, we picked her up at one of the other hotels, and went out for dinner. 
She treated us to a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant to celebrate our new marriage, and she brought us the best care package from Japan, with all the things we’ve been craving the most. It was so great to see her again, I’ve have always loved talking to her and teaching her, and now she was here with us in San Francisco. I’ve been feeling seriously homesick to Japan for a while but seeing her has taken most of it away. I really hope her airline will send her back to San Francisco soon, then I will cook her dinner and bake a cake for dessert. Thank you Mariko for a great night, a great dinner and the best omiyage ever! See you soon.

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