Chef Yasu

Yasu cooked dinner tonight! He used quite a few authentic Japanese products which we picked up in Japantown or ordered online. The fresh ingredients were American, of course. The recipe calls for thinly sliced pork, but that’s not available here, so he sliced up big slabs of boneless pork rib meat, which worked quite well.
And of course our new small friend Zojirushi (the ricecooker) helped prepare the rice. The rice from the internet was supposed to be real Japanese rice, but the grains are longer than those of real Japanese rice. After cooking it even smelled like Western rice and it wasn’t very sticky. We could get some real Japanese rice in Japantown, but that’s expensive and way too heavy to carry home. The rice we have now doesn’t taste as delicious and sweet as rice in Japan, but it’s certainly better than nothing and a nice enough imitation.
Yasu cooked shogayaki (pan-fried pork and onion in ginger sauce), miso soup and rice. It smelled delicious, tasted really good and authentically Japanese. That was a nice dinner! Yasu you can cook more often!

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