Two delivery men from Nittsu (Nippon Express) carried up two heavy boxes from Japan today. We packed them just before Yasu left Japan in June, and the delivery service kept them for us when we were vacationing in the Netherlands. And now they’re here! I’ve made a huge mess unpacking them though.
And I’m not done unpacking everything yet because it’s so hot today it’s making me sleepy and a little cranky. In Japan it’s usually hot and humid (except for a few months in winter), which sucks but at least there’s airconditioning everywhere, making everthing bearable. Here there’s no airconditioning so a hot day is really annoying. And it makes no sense because two days ago I was wearing Yasu’s woolen scarf because it was just too cold. Can’t wait for the cold days to return.
I didn’t feel like cooking because of the heat and the mess in our apartment so we went to a shopping plaza near our house to have some Southern fried chicken. After that Yasu studied at Starbucks and I shopped at Lucky’s, the overwhelmingly big grocery store.
Getting all the oversized packages of groceries home on our American bikes with hardly functioning brakes is still a challenge. I hope I’ll get used to that someday soon. I miss my Japanese bicycle, I wish I had packed that into one of those boxes.

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