We spent a lot of time on the Muni today. The Muni is San Francisco’s bus and subway system and you can ride them for about three hours for two dollars as long as you keep your transfer ticket on you.
First we went to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to apply for a California State ID so we don’t have to carry around our passports anymore. We got there before it opened yet there was already an immensly long line, reminiscent of Japan. We waited patiently, filled out some paperwork, waited some more, were confronted with very unfriendly state employees and had our picture and thumbprints taken. Two hours later we were told to expect them four weeks later… I hope I don’t look to ridiculous in the ID picture.
Next Muni took us to Japantown, where we browsed many Japanese stores including a couple of 100 yen stores (or $1.50 stores here) with the exact same products for sale as in Japan, which was quite exciting. We bought ourselves some instant misosoup in a small supermarket and found ourselves daydreaming about our favorite restaurants back in Osaka.
The main reason to walk around Japantown was to have some Japanese food for dinner, of course! We ended up having sushi and a salmon teriyaki bento at a place called Sushi Boom. The sushi wasn’t quite what we were used to though and had names like Lion King roll and California roll. I prefer authentic sushi, but it was fun to try.
I was so sick of the hot and humid weather in Japan but in San Francisco it’s cold and I like it! This may be the only time in my life that I’ve worn a woolen scarf in August. 

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