Eating with my coworkers

On normal workdays I have lunch and dinner by myself, don’t worry it’s not lonely just peaceful after teaching and talking the whole day. But with only such few days left at work time to spend with my lovely coworkers is really starting to run out… So all of us foreigners went out for lunch at Ganko, and Tomomi and I had dinner at Outback for dinner.
Ganko is one of our favorite teishoku (lunch set) places in Senri Chuo, they serve a lot of delicious Japanese food for a really low price, what more could one want? I had one of my (and Eddie & Duncan’s) all time favorites: Chicken Namban (or something like that). It was fun to get to know Katie (my replacement) a bit better and we enjoyed telling her how things are really done at our school in Senri Chuo.
And after a long of day of teaching Tomomi suddenly suggested to have dinner together in Umeda. What an awesome and wonderfully spontaneous idea! We shared an American steak and delicious Aussie cheese fries at Outback, a restaurant Yasu and I already spent way too much money at in the past, so it was fun to go there one more time. And of course we also enjoyed a lot of girltalk and a little gossiping!

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