The farewell party

Last night was my big farewell party. 60 students and staff members gathered at my favorite party restaurant in Esaka and drank, ate, played games, won prizes (including some of my handmade softies), took pictures, and listened to my embarrassing speech. The most surprising moment was when Tomomi donned a Jon Bon Jovi mask and we sang Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer en masse really, really loud through the whole restaurant. That was awesome!

I almost kept my promise (to myself) not to cry, but when the party was suddenly over and everybody was lining up for a hug and a kiss from their crazy teacher, tears came anyway. I’m still teaching 4 more days this coming week, so I’ll see most of them again, but it was the last time to see my Saturday students :(.

After the party, some students and I went to my favorite karaoke place in Esaka, not sure if it was my idea or theirs, but it was perfect! We sang our hearts out there and it was the perfect last time to sing karaoke in Japan. Afterwards these lovely students made sure their more-than-tipsy-teacher got home safely with a friendly taxi-man.

This morning I was looking through the things in my bag from last night and found several interesting things. Like, a bunch of cute presents, some without a card, so I don’t know who to thank (yet). A lovely heart-shaped-shocking-pink book from my coworkers and students with heart-warming messages and pictures. My digital camera filled with pictures of the party I didn’t take, but I am so happy my student did it for me. And most surprisingly, an actual microphone, which is probably from the karaoke place, or maybe even from the restaurant, where we used microphones all night as well… Oh oh.

I’ve been so busy preparing to leave Japan (hence my lack of blogging these last few weeks), I hadn’t really realized yet how much I’m going to miss everyone. My lovely coworkers and my adorable students, the new teacher is very lucky and I’m sure she’ll really enjoy herself surrounded by so many wonderful people.


4 thoughts on “The farewell party

  1. Jij en niet huilen????? Thats an understatement of the hole century!!!!
    Ik ben helemaal onder de indruk dat er zoveel mensen daar waren om afscheid van je te nemen, je ziet wel hoe graag de mensen je zien!
    Ik ben trots op je!
    En nu…. op naar the States!!!!


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