Catching up in Kyoto

Melissa, an old friend from my university days, arrived in Japan two days ago! Her sister Kathelijne had been working in Inuyama (of all places!) for the last three months and before she returns home, she’ll do some more sightseeing in Japan. Joining her are Melissa, her mom Irma, her girlfriend Sonja from Finland (who also worked in Inuyama for 3 months), and Melissa’s boyfriend Filip from Belgium. Thanks to Kathelijne’s facebook I found out about their travel plans this weekend and today we all hooked up in Kyoto! Yasu was there too, so we were a truly international bunch.
Speaking a mixture of Dutch, English and some Japanese words we went on a all day walking tour through the orange tori tunnels in Fushimi Inari, Gion and Yasaka Jinja. And we took the whole bunch to our favorite sushi-go-round Kurazushi. It was way too far to walk so we had to take taxis, but it was really worth it. Our group of tourists had never been to a kaitenzushi before and they loved the food, the revolving sushi plates, and the funny high-speed ship that kept bringing us our ordered sushi. We finished off 38 sushi plates and one bowl of edamame with the seven of us!
It was an exhausting day (I feel like I can sleep for a week and I’m not even jet lagged), but it was so much fun to catch up with old friends and introduce them to Yasu (who they all loved) and to some of my other favorite things in Japan. I hope the rest of their Japanese adventure will be wonderful too!

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