Cooking Indonesian

Today I cooked Indonesian food! At Tomomi’s place, which is much bigger than mine, especially the kitchen, and Tomomi and Miyuki helped me with the cooking and the gathering of the Indonesian ingredients. When Tomomi visited Indonesia she brought Indonesian soy sauce (ketjap manis) with her. When Miyuki visited Indonesia she brought Indonesian chili pepper paste/sauce (sambal pedas). And even though I’ve never visited Indonesia, I brought loads of Indonesian wet herbal mixtures (boemboe), satay marinade and instant peanut sauce from the Netherlands.
We made beef rendang, ajam ketjap (chicken dish), satay babi (pork skewers), nasi goreng (fried rice dish), sayur beans, peanut satay sauce and cucumbers sticks for dipping. I thought we cooked way too much, but Yasu, Duncan and Eddie helped us finish everything in no time. And they all loved it, yay!
I’m half Indonesian, thanks to my sweet mom, and I love Indonesian food. It’s very popular in the Netherlands but not so much in Japan. Which is peculiar because we’re much closer to Indonesia here in Japan. Maybe the food is too spicy for the Japanese, or they just don’t like it. In any case I’m really looking forward to dinner at my favorite Indonesian restaurant when I go home in two months.

3 thoughts on “Cooking Indonesian

  1. malay (indonesian/malaysian/bruneian) food's the best! my bf loves beef rendang and he is always asking me to make it, i can't cook it from scratch though so my mum sends me loads of packets from brunei. ayam ketjap is one of my favourite dishes. i made that the other day from scratch and it was scrumptious! :D


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