Throwing balls

Yasu and I had never been bowling together. We’ve tried to, like about a year ago in Amagasaki where we told to wait an hour for our turn. When the hour was finally up, they told us to wait one more hour, even though only half of the lanes were in use. Fed up we left, our bowling urge unsatisfied. Today we tried to go bowling again, in Osaka this time and we got a lane immediately! We found ourselves some fancy velcro bowling shoes and colorful bowling balls and we were off to bowl the afternoon away.
Of course, I’ve bowled several times before in the Netherlands. So I already knew I suck at it, but most of the time I played people who also weren’t great at bowling, so I had a fair chance of winning. But Yasu is a true bowling star, in my opinion at least. He really seems to know what he’s doing, actually aims and frequently throws strikes and spares. Of course it was impossible to even try to beat him, and he easily won all three games.
I used to just throw the ball, swinging it way to far to the left and simply hope it would hit something instead of end up in the gutter again. But today my bowling champion taught me how to actually aim and throw properly and my gutter balls transformed into the occasional spare and even four strikes! It’s much more fun when you’re actually trying to do it properly instead of just getting rid of the ball expecting it to hit nothing. I want to go bowling again!

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