More Huis ten Bosch fun

Besides feeling at home in the faux Dutch streets of Huis ten Bosch, there were a lot of other enjoyable things in the theme park. Like lots of cute plush animals on sale, and of course my favorite was the big Nijntje with a Dutch flag in her hands. Seems Yasu made had more fun with the Tuly twins, girls in Dutch national dress and tulips for heads.
Wooden shoes, like tulips quintessentially Dutch, could be found all over the park as well. We had a hard time finding a pair of clogs that fit.
Food in the park hasn’t been that great, except for that steak-burger of course, and unfortunately was all food was non-Dutch. They did sell Dutch cheese everywhere, way too expensive for me, but the free samples were the best! I kept returning for more! Haven’t had cheese that great for a long time.
We also enjoyed posing for funny pictures and the stormy weather.
We also enjoyed several paid attractions, which were free for us with our passports. The best ones were the mirror maze (it wasn’t mazy enough though) and the Grand Odyssey. In the Grand Odyssey they made us all movie stars! We all got a high resolution digital full-face scan (the machine malfunctioned twice on me, not embarrassing at all…), our faces were instantly digitized and then edited into the animated space movie. It was really fun to see ourselves ‘perform’ in a movie (even though I looked a little drunk), and my Japanese was awesome!
Last night we enjoyed a fireworks show in the center of the park. It was short, but timed to music which always makes it more impressive.
All in all, we had a great time at this park. I would recommend it to other Dutchies in Japan, just to feel like you’re back home. But I’d probably tell non-Dutchies to spend their money and time on Disney Sea instead.

One thought on “More Huis ten Bosch fun

  1. The mirror maze seems like fun!
    Maar als ik in Japan op vakantie ben ga ik echt niet iets van Nederland bezoeken omdat ik me dan weer thuis zou voelen. Kan het me wel voorstellen van ned. mensen die daar beroepshalve(of op een andere manier) daar wonen.
    En dat stormy weather is echt errug nederlands dus dat zet dat ned.plaatje wel erg waarheidsgetrouw neer, ne!


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