Paleis Huis ten Bosch

The replica of the Queen’s residence in the Netherlands is what gave this theme park its name. So it’s one of the first things we checked out today. The front garden is filled with blooming tulips and even though the back garden lacks those colorful tulips it was still very interesting, especially those cool shrub tunnels lining the outside of the garden.

Inside the palace we discovered a 19 meter-high original mural by Dutch artist Rob Scholte. The theme is ‘anti-war and peace’ and it depicts a boy’s dream adventure. It is very impressive and you won’t find that in the original palace. We spent a really long time admiring the art on the walls around us.

The outside looks pretty much like the real palace, but Im sure the inside looks nothing like the real thing. I didn’t discover Queen Beatrix’s bedroom or DVD collection anywhere. All we saw were museum artifacts, which weren’t nearly as interesting as the things we could have discovered in the Queen’s fridge of bathroom cabinet.

4 thoughts on “Paleis Huis ten Bosch

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