Huis ten Bosch

We had to get up very early today because our flight to Nagasaki was at 7:10 a.m.! But the good thing about it was that the day was just starting when we arrived in Nagasaki. We took a ferry from the airport right into the Dutch theme park. And it really felt like the boat drove us from Japan to the Netherlands in less than an hour, amazing and weird at the same time.
The buildings look all really authentic, apparently they imported the bricks and other materials from the Netherlands to make it all look like that, and it’s pretty impressive. Walking through some streets I really feel like I am back home, maybe just around the corner from my parent’s house. And some parts of the park are partial reproductions of some big cities and really make me like I’m in Amsterdam or Utrecht.
Everything looks Dutch, but of course nobody speaks Dutch. Everything is in English and Japanese, except for some of the signs and street signs that are in Dutch. And I was really hoping to find some Dutch food or snacks in the restaurants, but alas they mainly sell Japanese food, or really overpriced Italian and French food. They do sell real Gouda cheese in the souvenir shops though!

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