Yasu and I have been taking salsa lessons since February at a dance studio in Osaka. We’re not very good at it but we enjoy it, especially the salsa parties where we can just practice salsa all night. But like I blogged before, in April things change and sadly the new studio’s schedule has no more salsa classes on Sunday or Monday. But today we had one lucky last salsa lesson. It was lucky because it was a private lesson the teacher (Chizu) arranged for us so that we could use up our last lesson tickets. Isn’t that nice of her? The lesson was the best lesson we’d had thus far and we learned a lot. We also took some pictures of salsa patterns that we can’t do at all, but that looked interesting on camera.
Another thing that changed in April is that one of male teachers (Masafumi) and his crazy funny wife (Hitomi) are moving to Tokyo. Masafumi is an awesome salsa dancer and when I danced with him I almost believed I could salsa too, but basically he’s just an amazing leader and I just followed. Masafumi and Hitomi were the salsa party people and without them the future of salsa parties is uncertain as well :(. We met them one last time at the office tonight, I’m going to miss them but I wish them all the best in Tokyo. I’m also going to miss the salsa lessons, and I’m thankful for our private lesson today.

5 thoughts on “Salsa

  1. Zeker schattig! Had helemaal gemist dat jullie dat aan het doen waren. Gewoon mijn fanatisme achterna???:) hihi nog wel met feestjes enzo!!! Tof hoor!! Fijn is het he, zeker als je zo goed geleid wordt, en je luistert goed, dan is het een heerlijk gevoel, zwevend!


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