A trip to the Netherlands in Japan

The postman just delivered a package from HIS travel agency because we’re going on a little trip next week! We’re going to a theme park called Huis ten Bosch near Nagasaki. The theme of the park is the Netherlands! And they say it’s a town where the culture and natural environment of the Netherlands come alive. And we’re staying in Hotel Amsterdam.
I’ve known about this park for a long time but never felt compelled to go there, but Yasu has been dying for me to visit it. He says “It’s a mini-Netherlands in Japan, you are Dutch. You have to see it!” And now it’s kind of now or never… Besides the park has just had a renewal opening so it should be better than ever (heard it used to be a bit of a deserted and dead theme park). Well, I’m excited!

3 thoughts on “A trip to the Netherlands in Japan

  1. Ik ben ook heel erg benieuwd, beter kan toch niet Nederland en Japan gecombineerd, als er dan ook nog een Guam in de buurt ligt is het toch perfect;). Veel plezier! xxx


  2. Thanks! Ik heb ook via Minke jouw blog ontdekt, ben erg jaloers op jouw studio! Leuke feature in Yes! Dat was altijd zo leuk om te zien hoe mensen wonen! En jouw cupcakes zijn erg leuk en kawaii!


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