Colorful macaroons

Ever heard of macaroons? Well, I know (and absolutely love) coconut macaroons, but those colorful things they call macaroons in Japan were new to me. Apparently, they’re French macaroons, or macarons, and they’re immensely popular here. Having been here for almost 3 years, I thought it was time to finally try some of these colorful pastries, together with Yasu another macaroon virgin.
They aren’t cheap, but we wanted to try a variety of colors and flavors. Our selection: chocolate (dark brown), coffee (light brown), English tea (brown with speckles), nuts (white with speckles) pistachio (green), raspberry (pink), strawberry (red), vanilla (white).
We carefully sampled them all. Our favorites were the least sweet ones, like nuts and pistachio. Chocolate was way too sweet and raspberry tasted like body lotion (because we use the Bodyshop’s raspberry body butter). It was an interesting experiment, and although we liked most of them, we can’t imagine buying macaroons again, they’re just not our thing. But I will always love the colors!

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