Classroom make-over

Last week we had Thursday off due to some national holiday, and some construction workers saw that as an opportunity to spruce our school up a bit. Our classrooms weren’t that inspiring with their dirty walls, loose and filthy brown carpets, makeshift coatracks, and greasy gray paint on the windows. So before Thursday we stripped all the walls and moved all furniture out of the way. And this is what my classroom looked like before the construction guys went to work:

When we came back to school on Friday the construction workers had wallpapered most walls with shiny and stripy paper, put huge cork-boards and real coatracks up and hung some pretty blinds to hide the gray painted windows. During the weekend the construction workers also laid some new and clean carpet to make the make-over complete. And today I added some finishing touches with my old posters and this is what my classroom looks like now:

I really love the new look, and I especially like the idea of the classroom wide cork-board. Too bad the cork is only 2 mm (0.08 inch) thick, behind that is some kind of hard plastic which is really strong. And putting a thumbnail in, requires extraordinary strength and will make your thumb hurt for at least an hour. So if you hear funny karate sounds coming from my classroom, I’m probably just hanging a poster on my new cork-board.

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