Yasu’s choice

Yasu likes a lot of food that I don’t like much so he never really gets to eat that when we’re together. But my taste has changed since I first came to Japan and I almost liked nothing, so this weekend I let Yasu choose what we were going to eat. He wasn’t really comfortable with that much power, and he kept trying to find out what I wanted. But I told him it was all up to him and he in the end he was brave enough to even choose food he knew I’ve disliked forever, like Chinese, ramen and curry.
We also had some Thai food, with which I have no problems, but it was nothing really special. Chinese food is still a little too greasy and too saucy for me, but the fried rice was really good. The ramen was pretty good, and I’m really starting to get used to it. The curry was really good which was the biggest surprise of the weekend. I had to sample Yasu’s food before I even dared ordering my own plate. But it was really tasty and spicy! We went to a small restaurant in Tsukamoto that Yasu had been dying to try for ages, and I’m sure we will be returning to this place many times. 

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