Freeze! Or we’ll shoot…

On our last day here we thought we’d rob a convenience store:
Just kidding of course, as much as we’d love to live in the States, we do not want to reside in some American prison. No no, we just went to a shooting gallery. The outside looked pretty Japanese, catering to those millions of Japanese tourists who visit Guam all year round. The inside looked scary with all the guns and the weird characters.
We were already a bit freaked, because you know, we were planning on shooting actual guns with real bullets. But we had made up our minds and we were going to do it! And so we did.
We used the cheapest and lightest automatic gun (a 22 caliber I believe) they had, which was more than enough excitement for us. It was strange to pull the trigger the first time and I was surprised when the slug shot out at the back. But after that it just felt like I was playing a game of Duck Hunt on my old Nintendo.
Of course the idea was to hit that paper guy all the way in the back in the middle of his chest. But I wasn’t very good at it. I tried aiming at the middle but I kept hitting him on the left. So then I just started aiming to the right of the paper and then some of my bullets hit the middle. Yasu eyes aren’t good enough to see that far, so he was basically shooting blind, yet he still did way better than me!
It was a bit expensive, a bit scary and a bit hard, but it was really fun and definitely worth a try! And an explosive way to start the new year.

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