Bye bye Guam

So we checked out of our comfortable hotel this morning and dragged a huge amount of luggage around the island the rest of today. Luckily we still had our comfortable rental car to store everything in so that was no problem (just hope all the chocolates souvenirs survived Guam’s heat). Right now, we’re at Guam airport, playing around on our computers waiting for our flight home.
Of course we didn’t go hungry today, and we revisited two of our favorite restaurants on the island. Denny’s for one last American breakfast and Ruby Tuesday’s for one last steak with mashed potatoes. Oh and we also had our first and only ice cream at Dreyer’s today. Which is quite remarkable when you’ve been vacationing on a tropical island for almost two weeks!
We’re sad we’re leaving, but we’ve had an absolutely wonderful vacation! And we made many memories that’ll last forever.
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One thought on “Bye bye Guam

  1. Helaas komen er aan hele leuke vakanties een eind… maar de herinneringen blijven! Gelukkig maar! Je kunt goed zien dat jullie het enorm naar jullie zin hebben gehad.


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