Old Year’s Day

Sadly, today was our last day on the beach. It was our first time on this stretch of beach near the Holiday Inn, because our regular hangout, Ypao beach, was closed to set up for tonight’s firework show. This beach was a bit more crowded, the lifeguard station had huge speakers playing music, and there was the occasional canoe race. All in all, a wonderful and different last day at the beach.
Before going to the beach we had brunch at Denny’s and Yasu finally ordered the huge plate of nachos he’d been checking out on the menu daily. He always deemed it to big to finish and wanted to order it when he was really hungry. But today he realized that may never happen, and just went ahead and ordered it. As expected it was way too big, he didn’t even finish a third. And I finally tried those ‘Moons over my Hammy’, which looked better on the menu than they tasted in real life.
We had our last meal this year at Planet Hollywood. I had fajitas and Yasu had a plate of different appetizers. Same old story, it was way too much, but at least this was a delicious meal! And so were the fruity virgin cocktails with which we toasted to all the good things we’ve experienced in good old 2009.
And now we’re off to the Outrigger for their New Year’s Eve party.

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