Just another day

Another day on the beach, but no pictures were taken. All we did was swim, snorkel, lie on the beach, nap, read and be jealous of all the local people with barbecues. All we had were our two-day old leftovers from lunch at Denny’s, which were disgusting and quickly ended up in the trash. Though, of course we didn’t go hungry. We are in America after all, there’s food everywhere.
We had breakfast at Kings, where they serve delicious fruit with their breakfast platters. And dinner at Lonestar Steakhouse again, where Yasu had a little admirer. A very cute 3-year-old girl named Ella who called him Mr. Special. After dinner Yasu really wanted some dessert which we got at Denny’s, but just a few bites later it all ended up in a doggy bag. It’s just physically impossible to eat dessert after an American sized dinner.

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