Rainy again

We woke up this morning mentally ready to spend another day on a beautiful white beach and chasing fish in a beautiful blue ocean, just to discover the rain had returned to our vacation paradise… So we went shopping again, and discovered some interesting things. Like my very own brand of peanut oil. And at our favorite store, the bookstore (filled to the rim with books written in a language I understand, how I’ve missed that in Japan), Yasu discovered a very interesting book that had a 3-legged man on the cover.
In Japan they sell onigiri a.k.a. musubi, rice balls with a filling (usually something fishy) wrapped in seaweed, and they’re delicious. But here they sell sausage and spam musubi, which we were too afraid to try… Something we did try was pink vitamin water, which also looked weird but tasted all right, but we prefer SoBe lifewater, which we’ve also discovered this week.
Of course we also ate today. This time we skipped breakfast and tried something new for lunch, at Denny’s. Guam fried rice and some chicken sandwich, which were of course impossible to finish and we took more than half with us in a doggy bag.
And this time we had dinner at TGIF’s. I had an enormous burger and Yasu’s meal included a complimentary dessert, which is officially our first dessert this trip. We’ve wanted to eat dessert before but we were always too stuffed after dinner to order after dinner. Anyway it was delicious.
We’re hoping that when we wake up tomorrow the sun will have returned…

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