Relaxing Guam

Another day on the beach. Ah, how relaxing can life be. I’m getting better at the snorkeling thing, as in the fish scare me less and less. Except those blue pointy knife-looking fish that like to surround you with all of their friends. And Yasu is good at spotting special fish, he showed me a small blowfish and a camouflaged flat fish.
After freshening up at the hotel, we headed for Tony Roma’s in Agana. We’d seen the place during one of our roadtrips but we weren’t hungry enough to try it out then. They say they’re famous for their ribs so that’s what we ordered.
It was freezing in there, what’s up with these over-air-conditioned restaurants? Hot outside, ice-cold inside, it’s a recipe for a severe cold… But at least the ribs were delicious and the Czech waitress was very entertaining. She advised us to have honey-mustard dressing with our fries, which wasn’t bad, but we’ll be sticking to mayonnaise. Which is considered weird enough in the States.

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