My energy drink of choice is red bull, always has been, always will be. Coffee doesn’t work for me, and drinking tea makes me feel so comfortable I usually drink it before bed. Red bull works. Well. I don’t even want to try to imagine the liters of red bull I drank as a student, especially when I was writing my thesis… But I’m sure it could fill a couple of lakes. Unfortunately, red bull is expensive. So in Japan (the land of everything tiny) I usually buy the small 200 ml cans, but in America (the land of everything huge) they sell 16 fl.oz. cans! Which is almost half a liter!
We’re driving around the island today, because it’s still rainy. And because I’m used to driving on the right (in Japan they drive on the left) and I’ve missed driving, I’m driving the whole time, unless I pass out, which will never happen with these huge red bulls!

4 thoughts on “Wings

  1. Ow, wow LavenderStarfish, can't believe you don't even like the smell! I love it and the taste too. If it were a regular soda sold for a regular price, I'd drink it all the time!


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